Oliver's Sixteenth Week

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, December 3, 2014 9:09 PM

Early one morning, I captured the joy of my kids.  I may never understand how they both wake up with such glee but I wish I were more like them.  I am currently quite the opposite.

Oliver's well into size 3-6 months now even though I keep trying to squeeze him back into his 3 month clothes.  Trying out this adorable Little Brother outfit from Rebekah.
Hanging out with Daddy
The only thing cuter than Oliver is Oliver in Overalls.
While big sister was off with the grandparents for the day, Oliver got some alone time with Mama & Daddy and had his first trip to T. Phillips.
Me & my boy
Vianne has been here.
These two!

Oliver & Sophie, celebrating 16 weeks!

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Rebekah Says:

Look at how he stares at Vianne. So sweet! I miss him already.

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