Oliver's Seventeenth Week

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, December 3, 2014 10:00 PM

A big week for Oliver: he crossed off a baby development milestone of flipping from belly to back.  The doctor always says he need an hour of tummy time a day, which gets even harder to do when he flips after about 3 minutes.  I guess I'll just continue to lie at his check-ups :-).  We also got a few good laughs out of him this week, which is too cute for words.  He continues to be such a happy guy and even after rough nights (still not sleeping well...*yawn*), he gives me the sweetest smiles & coos in the morning that it washes away the frustration.

He loves Vianne to pieces and follow her with his eyes whenever she's bopping around the room.  He loves her snuggles and kisses; even when Mama thinks it's too much, he doesn't seem to mind at all.  I think these two are going to be two peas in a pod as they grow and it will be so much fun to watch!

New onesie from the Grovers
Seems to be teething...he enjoyed his whale teething toy from Sarah & Aunt Pat!
Really starting to make use of the playmat's features.  He grabs and pulls toys towards him and locates them with his feet to kick.

Super cute in his raccoon outfit from Great Aunt Carol.
His 17 week old day fell on Thanksgiving, photos of which will come in another post.  Last year on Thanksgiving, I woke up and took a pregnancy test first thing and found out little Oliver was in my belly.  So this year, my heart was especially full of thanksgiving, holding him in my arms!

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