Oliver's Second Week

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, August 18, 2014 4:02 PM

A few glimpses of Oliver's second week of life...sleeping, eating, a bit more looking around than the previous week...

Our little monkey (Sesma hand-me-down! :-D)

 Getting all the Grandma-snuggle-time in he can while she's here
 Morning snuggles with big sister
 Trying out the new portable swing (another free baby item from Amazon!)
 Handsome boy!

Getting a check-up from Doc Vianne
 He got to meet our friend Rachelle!
 He loves to be swaddled!

 Starting to smile ever so slightly for us :-)

 I left Oliver in the swing in Vianne's room for just a few seconds to grab something, a little worried about what she might try to do to him.  When I came back, she was just sitting on the floor "reading" him Bible stories :-D.
 He enjoys the Snugabunny swing and often naps in there during the day.
 Trying out the playmat for the first time
First real bath!

 Two weeks old!

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