Oliver's Fourth Week

Posted by Amy O. , Sunday, August 31, 2014 12:03 PM

In his fourth week of life, Oliver spent a lot more time looking around to see this new home of his, with thoughtful expressions...
 ...more bonding with his sister, one of his biggest fans...
 ...and meeting lots of new (to him) friends!  We visited Rachelle & the boys since Joel & Jesse hadn't met him yet.  They haven't been around babies, but they acted like they see & hold them all the time - very cute!

 Like Father, Like Son, as they say...
 "We are not amused."

 Patrick's parents took Vianne out for a few hours, which gave me some quiet snuggle time with my boy!
 Saturday visit with Granma
 Oliver went to church for the first time!  All dressed up in his Sunday Best...
 Daddy picked out this outfit after the ultrasound confirming that we were having a boy :-)
 Slept through most of it :-)

 Our friends the Burns family came to visit & meet our little guy

 Aunt Jenny came to meet her newest nephew & help his Mama out

 Slept through his first trip to the park :-)
 4 weeks old!
 Napping on Aunt Jenny

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