Vianne Rose: Nineteen Months Old

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, November 11, 2013 12:08 PM

Oh goodness.  These months.  They just keep happening.

No sooner had I gotten her 18 month photos in the mail to Grandma G., the kid's already turned 19 months old! And a kid indeed, so much less a baby these days.  She runs around, saying things like, "Nope!" and "I'm otay!" and "I want snacks!" and "Dere's moon!" and "I do it!" and counting to three and calling herself "Ran" ~ and nineteen months into this great adventure, most days we're still not sure what hit us; all we know is it's excessively cute.

Her favorite things of late are "Pa Pi" (Peppa Pig, which has surpassed even VeggieTales in requests-to-watch), "Twink Twink Star", "trans" (coloring with crayons) which she is starting to eat/break less and use on the paper more, watching "Dance Bay" (accompanied by a side-to-side sway) = Dancing Baby, which is a video of herself as a 7 month old "dancing" via Daddy, which she asks for but really wants YouTube so that she can watch other things like Super Simple Songs and KidsTV123 videos, identifying sounds around the house like birds, trucks, and airplanes, and weekly bike rides with 'Pa (Grandpa) which includes walking "Chauce" (Uncle Jon's dog Chaucer).  She's also getting to be quite helpful: She loves to help unload the car after Costco runs and is pretty good at picking up toys (even if they get taken out again almost immediately if I don't intervene).

She is still amazing us with 10-12 hour nights and the last few weeks has (FINALLY) begun taking daily 1-2 hour afternoon naps IN HER CRIB (I know, the Babywise folks are gasping in horror - yes, it took 18 months to achieve this).  And I'm scrambling to know what to do with regularly scheduled "free time".  Oh, wait...the dishes.

A few snapshots from 19 month day, while we were out taking a stroll to the post office because California has ridiculously summery weather in November...

 Waving to the pet shop birds on the way home

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