Patrick is 39

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, December 6, 2013 3:23 PM

Patrick's birthday turned into a month long celebration - but unfortunately that's not as generous as it sounds :-).  Due to some family illnesses, things got a bit delayed in the festivity department.  But I think we all pulled out plenty of merriment in the end.

The day of his birthday, I got migraine symptoms just as we were supposed to leave for a lunch out.  We still went, but I wasn't exactly the best birthday companion.  Rachelle kindly watched Vianne for us while we had some great food at Eureka! in Claremont and then enjoyed some frozen yogurt from 21 Choices (we didn't even know that you get a free one for your birthday!).  We did gifts at home later and I fear I went to bed as soon as possible after that. 

A couple weeks later we were able to celebrate with Patrick's family at our place, with great Mexican food, Patrick's favorite ice cream cake...

 ...and lots of fun presents!
 Patrick's trusty (and cute) present-opening assistant
 We hadn't been able to see Granma for a few weeks so it was a happy reunion!
And a couple weeks after that (Nov. 18, a whole month from his birthday) I finally got to take him out for the birthday fun I had imagined.  Patrick's parents kindly watched Vianne while we enjoyed an afternoon kayaking in the Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve...

 (mylar balloon stalkers)

 ...followed by a fabulous lunch of Irish delights!

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Marie Says:

I love our times together as a family! I LOVED our time with Vianne while you were having fun kayaking! I love the memory of Vianne seeing the donkey, the pony, the cows... and her walking around Cal Poly taking notes with pad and paper in hand. She is too too adorable!

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