October 2013

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, November 6, 2013 4:55 PM

A new month : some new tricks!  The ladybug chair serves a dual purpose as an acrobatic implement for our daredevil daughter...

This brazen little bluejay spent several days harassing us!  Patrick said he was trying to let us know the birdbath was empty.  What are we running here?  A bird resort? 
Here, he landed about two feet from me & Vianne!
This is in V's play area, where he followed us, while we trying to do a fairy princess photo shoot, to lecture us on getting our priorities in order...(#1: FILL THE BIRDBATH!!!)
So, the photo shoot was a bit distracted...
...and concerned...

...but still cute.

It was Daddy's birthday so we were trying to get a good shot to post on facebook while he was off at work :-).

"Ummm...what's the magic spell to open the gate again?"

This is Vianne's first self portrait.  Oh dear.
San Dimas has a new Dairy Queen!  So we went to try it out.  Not a great food selection (hot dogs or chili dogs...where's those fabulous DQ hamburgers and chicken strips??) but the ice cream treats are just as good!

I love it when Vianne & Patrick snuggle in this chair, which they often do.  This used to be my Dad's recliner and when I see them in it together, it chokes me up and warms my heart with happy Dad memories at the same time.  Even if I can't have my Dad,  it's still beautiful that I can have these two.
18 month checkup: She's taking it all in stride.  (Note: this was before anyone tried to weigh or measure her or check her out.)  The doctor said all is well!
We're still spending Tuesdays with the twins!  This was a cute moment when Vianne & Jesse were being affectionate (instead of antagonistic) so I had to grab my camera.

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