Patrick's PhD Graduation ~ Part Two: Fuller's Graduation Ceremony

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, June 22, 2013 12:38 PM

Saturday morning was Fuller's Graduation Ceremony, which I attended with Patrick's family while my mom watched Vianne at home.  With the three schools combined and 500 names to be read, it's a festive occasion, a bit too lengthy for a one-year-old.  Despite the length, it was a beautiful ceremony and a privilege to be there at Dr. Mouw's last graduation before retirement, as well as be present not only for Patrick, but for many friends and acquaintances who we've come to know & love over our time at Fuller!

Mom O. & I waiting for the festivities to begin
Patrick is one of these people...:-)

 After receiving his presidential handshake & diploma

Patrick's Uncle Neal & Aunt Reva kindly attended the ceremony as well
Dr. & Mrs.: Relief, Awe, Thankfulness

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Marie Says:

Such a memorable and wonderful occasion shared with the people I LOVE! Congratulations to our Dr. Patrick!

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