The Month of May (2013)

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, June 5, 2013 2:52 PM

O, the month of May, the merry month of May...

'Twas only a month long, but it seems our sweetie has grown about three months in the last one.  She's such a little person, so much less a baby now, we are constantly rubbing our eyes in disbelief. 

New tricks of late include giving high fives and "snuggles" (hugs with an "ohhhhhhh" and a shoulder pat) when asked, walking up shallow steps alone, and climbing up on the couch and down off the bed, and holding up one finger when asked "How old are you?".  She's moved up a shoe size (to 4) and (finally!) popped out a couple of bottom teeth in the last week.

She's also had a language explosion this month, and is talking & signing up a storm!  Some of her signs are accompanied by words, but she's signing more words than she's saying at this point.  Her third spoken word (after "hi' and "bye") was "no", quickly followed by "Daddy" (Da - ee) which she signs, too.  She signs "Mama" and can say it, but will rarely do so (little pill!).  She signs "dog" and says "daw".  She signs milk, cold, and play (they all currently look the same), and peaches, banana (and tries to say it), and bath (and says "Ba").  She still uses her made-up sign for Grandpa and Grandma (patting her chest with her open hand - too stinking cute!) and attempts a name sign for "Aunt Jenny" which looks a little more like the sign for fish at this point.  She signs a waving 'L' for Larry the Cucumber and attempts a waving 'B' for Bob the Tomato and says words that sound vaguely like their names.  She signs "all done" with the elation of a child watching a parade.  She also signs "please" and says "Pleeee" (when asked).  She's also picked up the word "light" without being taught it and likes to hold her toes and say something that sounds like her word for Daddy but she seems pretty convinced she's saying "toes".

We are working on animal signs like sheep, cow, pig (she looks so cute trying to puff up her cheeks!), bird, chicken, fish, cat, etc. but mostly she just wishes/insists all animals were/are dogs ;-). 

Snapshots from the month...
Playing with Jesse

 In the interim between gaining a few pounds so she can use her new car seat, Vianne has been enjoying it as a throne/step-stool/theater seat for VeggieTales viewing/etc.

Using gift cards from her birthday, we got her a blow-up pool that fits all three of us, and this cute little swimsuit.  We already had some sweltering 100+ days in May, so we busted this out, much to V's delight.  This is her first time in a pool...and in a swimsuit for that matter!

 Even the pool gets "snuggles" :-D
 She made up a stepping-over-Daddy's-leg game.
 Another first: drawing with a crayon.  Mostly she made spots.  And after a few minutes, she mostly wanted to eat it.

 She loves exploring outside in our front & back "yards" (no grass, just cement/bricks).

 A little waggle in her walk :-)
 For a Family Fun Day, we went to the park to give Vianne yet another first: first time in a swing.
 She hated it and immediately wanted out.  Ah, well.  You win some...
 She much preferred roaming around on solid ground.
 She loves her wide open spaces!

 Milk break!

My little sunshine ~ more yard roaming

 Memorial Day Monday we enjoyed a picnic with the Losies & Fialas.  Vianne's enjoying the pool with one of the Losie twins (they were dressed I'm not sure who this is!)

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Marie Says:

Oh my stars and the wondrous GRACE of God! This is the sweetest, cutest, most adorable little granddaughter in the world. When I'm not with her, she nevertheless lights up my days and nights with thoughts of her curiosity, squeals, pat-a-heart, snuggles, opinions and personality. And thank you Amy for these wonderful pictures, delightful comments, ~ and what a darling mother/mama YOU are!!!!

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