Patrick's PhD Graduation ~ Part One: The Hooding Ceremony

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, June 21, 2013 7:42 PM

With great thankfulness to God, family, and friends, we celebrated Patrick's graduation from his PhD program at Fuller this past weekend.  The first event was the Hooding Ceremony on Friday night, (where the new PhDs get their "hood" - the part of the regalia you see in blue below, which drapes down the back), which is a smaller, limited, invitation-only event held in the chapel of the United Congregational Church near Fuller's campus.  Each graduate receives their hood from their mentoring professor, then is presented by him or her (generally a speech highlighting their specific achievements) and then gets to offer a short speech of thanks.

Patrick, Vianne & I got to campus a little early because I wanted to take some pictures before the regalia got ruffled ;-).  I think the ones of Patrick turned out especially nice, if I do say so my-amateur-photographer-self.

 My favorite is a toss-up between this one...
 ...and this one!

This is one P(retty)h(andsome)D(ude)...(I crack myself up!)

 "Way to go, Daddy!"

So proud of her Daddy!

 We wore blue to coordinate with Patrick's hood :-D

 I can't choose between the following, posting both!  Love this girl who radiates life & joy!

The ceremony began with a reception at 5pm.  We walked in to find Patrick's family and my mom all there waiting for us - which doesn't sound amazing - but was something of a miracle.  My mom was supposed to arrive at 11am, but PDX flights were all grounded that morning since the fuel pumps were not working so the planes couldn't fuel up (yes, we imagine heads were rolling at PDX that day...).  This tempted to add no small amount of stress to our day but we determined to keep the faith and believe that God was working all things together, even as the whole morning/early afternoon, Mom was stuck in the airport, and we were texting and calling, hoping for a whole bunch of different flight/stand-by options.  She finally got on a 2:20 to Burbank (was originally supposed to fly into Ontario)...and - thank the good Lord, who was indeed watching out for us, even if testing us a little ;-) - made it to the Hooding!

Vianne was so surprised to see Grandma G. here - out of context!  It took her a few minutes to process, but then it was just utter delight.
 See what I mean?

Patrick the PhD, seated with his friends/colleagues. Kyle Bennett, to his left, started his degree at the same time - it's very cool that they were able to finish together!

Patrick receives his hood from Dr. Kärkkäinen, his mentor
Dr. Kärkkäinen presents Patrick & his accomplishments
The Speeches

He's been hooded!
The closing benediction
And a few post-ceremony shots...
Dr. Kärkkäinen & Patrick
Also, with Dr. Dyrness (the second reader on Patrick's dissertation)

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