Week Twenty-Five with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, October 8, 2012 1:32 PM

Vianne's 25th week of life was largely about her toys.  She has a whole bunch of them and she is very passionate about each & every one.  She often will concentrate on one at a time, and sometimes she gets so focused on it - and so forceful with it - that I can't help but laugh.  She seems to want to bend each one to her will until it submits in defeat.  The most frequent target of such focus is this cloud rattle, who receives a firm talking-to in the video below.

Just hangin' out
Trying out Grandpa's beard and Mama's new bench

Grandpa's beard is fascinating!

What Mama loves best about this picture is that Vianne is wearing this layered outfit, which she has not worn since we were up in Oregon in July because it's been too hot in California.  We are finally waking up to cooler, sometimes even overcast, mornings and sometimes need long sleeves & pants - hallelujah!

Also featured are some of her favorite toys of late, the crackly Pooh bear (top right), the rolypoly duck (bottom center), and the little piano that plays songs & lights up (bottom right).

And also the soft block from Granma O.
She also particularly loves the Baby Einstein back (bottom center) from Grandma G. and the chain that attaches it to her chair from Christine.
I re-introduced her to Sophie the Giraffe this week, a must-have for Francophile Mamas.  She went crazy for her!  Wish I would have remembered to pull her out earlier, seems to really do the trick for sore gums!

Love Sophie's "expression" in this one.  The life & times of a teething toy!
Perhaps the only thing Vianne loves more than her toys (as far as inanimate objects go) is being outside with her toys!  She loves sitting outside with the breeze and looking up at the trees and is always much happier out-of-doors.

I can't get enough of this face-of-the-week, the straight across lip face.
Cuteness Explosion!!!

Also finally (thank God!) cool enough at night to wear some of her warmer footie pajamas!  This little heart booty was brought to us by our friend Pam.
Hanging out with her buddies, Rachelle's boys, Joel (on top) and Jesse (on bottom). 
On Saturday night, showing off her eating skills to Granma & Grandpa O.

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Marie Says:

Not only is Vianne one of the sweetest gifts from heaven imaginable...but her Mama too is a gift, such a caring, loving, attentive, beautiful Mama! In fact Amy and Daddy Patrick love their baby Vianne so much!

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