Vianne Rose: Six Months Old

Posted by Amy O. , Thursday, October 11, 2012 5:09 PM

A half a year already! Vianne is such a gift and we are daily enraptured by her cuteness. The last few weeks have brought out so much personality, so much development, and all sorts of fun & funny new tricks. This little video clip shows a glimpse into life with Six Month Vianne. We find the Tarzan-like double-fisted chest/belly whacking, which started up last week, especially concerning comical. She continues to be a little chatterbox and now almost always flips to her back when placed on her belly (though has only done one back to belly flip to date), and is showing a lot of manual dexterity with her ever-reaching, ever-occupied hands. She is a wiggly, active, alert girl who rarely wants to sit still (or nap :/ - but we're working on this) and most days I feel like I've given birth to the Energizer bunny.

Today we had her 6 month check-up at the doctor, and we left thanking God for a healthy baby that's right on target developmentally (we do not take this lightly). Vianne weighed in at 16 lbs, 2 oz, and measured 26 1/4" long. That puts her at about the 37th percentile for weight to length (about 50th for weight and 65th for length, and 33rd for head circumference).

On Monday, we took a photo shoot in this sweet blue outfit, a gift from her Great Aunt Carol. She was so sweet & smiley when I got the camera out (sometimes the camera makes her clam up) so there are many precious ones in the bunch!


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Marie Says:

An absolutely priceless gift from God, this beautiful Baby girl, Vianne Rose. She continues to be too too adorably cute! xxoo

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