Week Twenty-Eight with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, October 26, 2012 2:41 PM

This week, we started to focus on sitting up - or at least trying to!  So far, Vianne can sit for a couple seconds unassisted, and for quite awhile with the help of the boppy.  She's also trying out many of her 6 months clothes and I'm trying to pack up her 3 months clothes (Nobody warned me how agonizing this is! To think, she will never be that size again!  :::sob:::).
She continued to enjoy her belly/chest whacking and when Grandpa came to visit on Monday, they beat their bellies together!  It was very entertaining for all present!
After the success with the sweet potatoes, we decided to add a bit of color to her diet: Avocado!  It was so fancy, she put her pearls on for the occasion...

We weren't expecting to still be wearing summer clothes on October 17th - but with another hot day, we're sure glad to have cute outfits such as this in six month size (thanks, Kendra!).
 Thursday was Daddy's 38th birthday so we took some photos just for him...

...and then with him!

"Wow, Dad!  Look at those presents!!"

Playing with Granma & Grandpa on Saturday (Daddy's family birthday party)

Love bug!
 A rare family shot!

Vianne perfected the art of the back-to-belly flip this week; up 'til now, it had been only an occasional occurrence. She also is starting to move all over the place - not crawling, sort of scooting, but with the distance she covers, she might as well be crawling!  Since she kept running into the playmat poles & getting frustrated, this week the playmat became simply a floor mat; although, she gets a great deal of pleasure at getting herself entirely off the mat & quilt, and hanging out on the carpet.

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Marie Says:

Our Baby Vianne is too too cute, too wonderfully cute!!!!!

Emily Blair Says:

That last picture before the video is hilarious! Also, I love the pearl necklace bib. You know what helps with packing up the baby clothes? Getting pregnant really soon. :)

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