Vianne Rose: Five Years Old

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, June 6, 2017 3:46 PM

Miss V turned five on April 8th and we're still trying to believe it. I've listed her current favorites below. She also loves the dentist and lives in mortal fear of shots at the doctor; yet she still wants to be a doctor when she grows up. The week of her birthday, she checked off two new milestones of going all the way across the monkey bars and sliding down the fireman's pole at the park without help. Every morning I greet her with "Good morning, sunshine!" because she brings so much light and joy to every single day.  Still at five, she wakes up every morning like that day is the best thing that ever happened to her (with a special enthusiasm for holidays, of course).  She is our brave, fun-loving extrovert who always wants to have a lot more fun than we have the energy for, and in that way, she's so good for us.

Favorite movies: The Incredibles, Beauty and the Beast
Favorite shows: Miraculous Ladybug, My Little Pony, Rescue Bots
Favorite toys:  Shopkins
Favorite animals: Cheetahs and cats
Favorite color: blue (for the moment)
Favorite song: Give Me Oil In My Lamp
Favorite foods: burritos, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and spaghetti (in that order)
Favorite things to do: climbing wall at the park, dancing, playing games (chess, war, Candy Land), playing dress-up, watching "kids shows",  playing with cousins, grandparents, and friends (including anyone she has just met at the park), going to McDonald's, playing "pool party" which means filling up the bathroom sink and bringing in a whole bunch of her dolls to play in the "pool", simple addition problems, being super sneaky, playing in any kind of body of water.

She's so much easier to take photos of these days, too! We couldn't track down a ladybug dress for this year, so we settled on this sweet one that we've deemed "close enough." :-)

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