Blairs' Visit to Sacramento/Losie Wedding Trip ~ November 2016

Posted by Amy O. , Sunday, January 15, 2017 10:14 AM

In November, we were very happy to welcome the Blairs to Sacramento on the occasion of a family wedding in SoCal.  This was the kids' first time to California so we tried our best to make the most of a few days together.

 All three girls are in dance classes now, so they were showing each other what ballet moves they know!

Showing off our park across the street.  This made me smile because when we first moved here, Vianne used to imagine that she was swinging on these swings with these cousins.

Geoff's family was SoCal-bound for the wedding at the same time, so they met up with us for the morning.  The kids had a great romp together.

David had just had his 5th birthday so the Blairs gave him this fun soccer game.
The very sweet moment when the boys took notice of each other and then I couldn't stop snapping photos...

Bea's so sweet with Oliver!
We tried and tried...but found it impossible to get one (halfway decent) photo with all six silly cousins.

Leaf jumping

Thursday morning, the Mamas & kiddos packed into the Blairs' Explorer and made our way to Thousand Oaks, California...

Stopped for lunch at McDonald's 'cause we couldn't find an In-N-Out, and got surrounded by a group of Chinese lady tourists (seriously, they cornered us in our booth and we couldn't get out), which was hilarious.  Apparently, they thought American children were quite the spectacle.
Later we found an In-N-Out and procured some much-needed milkshakes.
We made it to Thousand Oaks & met up with Grandma/Mom at the hotel.  These two were so cute (such boys!) looking at Emily's phone.
The girls stayed in a room with Mom and Emily & I had the boys in another room.  Mom had all kinds of amusements lined up, like little Lego Friends kits for the girls.
So, so hard to get one normal picture...

We were invited to the rehearsal dinner and the kids spontaneously, as they do, provided some on-stage entertainment.  It was very nice to see the Losie family again, meet the beautiful bride-to-be Corrin, and meet KT & Greg's kids for the first time!  And the Mediterranean food was delicious!
The next morning, day of the wedding, we all went down for breakfast and discovered the outdoor seating complete with "fire table".  Only slightly terrifying for mothers of children under 5.
Just would like one. normal. picture.  (Although this one will live to be a classic, I'm sure.)
A little jaunt over to Ralph's...
...then, a trip to this fun park.  It was a gorgeous day for a wedding!

Oliver adopted this little spot as his own.  He said he was Pooh Bear and this was his "honey place " and these were his honey pots.  So cute, this one.
The Gustafsons met up with us at the park.  
Seriously, folks, I just want one. normal. picture. So, so hard. :-D
Lunch at Islands, a bit of nostalgia for this former SoCal resident...until the horrible stomach issues that then took over my afternoon as a result. :-/

After a whole day of begging, the kids finally got to go into the hotel pool, where there was also a larger-than-life chess game.

By a miracle of grace, both boys fell asleep on the way to the wedding and proceeded to sleep  through the entire ceremony.  This was the best thing ever for us moms because I at least was so worried that restless Oliver would disrupt the wedding, but instead, I got to enjoy it.  This was my kids' first wedding, and Vianne came up to me at the end with her eyes sparkling, thoroughly enchanted.  It was so precious!

At the reception, the kids immediately took to the dance floor, naturally (what?!). 

Probably my favorite photo/moment of the reception...(oh my goodness, this boy)
The kids also got a big kick out of the photo booth.

Other favorite photo/moment...the happy couple, and Oliver.
Breakfast the next morning, Saturday...
...and then back on the road for Sacramento.  Lunch stop at Subway.

The next day, the Blairs joined us at church for our pre-Thanksgiving feast.
That night, we got In-N-Out and had a Frozen movie watching party over at Patrick's office.

Monday morning cousin breakfast
Trying again for that one. good. photo.  I'm nothing if not persistent.

A little last minute Shopkins play before the Blairs headed north again.

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