Halloween 2016

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, January 13, 2017 5:06 PM

To go along with our Oden House Wizard of Oz obsession the last three months or so, Vianne & Oliver went as Dorothy and the Tin Man for Halloween this year!  We were in Pasadena for the big day, as Patrick was teaching at Fuller campus down there for the week, and we made a full day of it, dressing up in the morning and brightening the lives of Fuller staff, students & faculty on campus and many passersby in town with all the cuteness! :-)

 Dorothy & Tin Man met up with an old friend in the refectory :-D
 Later that day, we all headed out to our old stomping grounds.  We made a visit to the Fiala party to say hello to family & friends...

 And then met up with Uncle Jon & Grampa and the Sesmas for trick or treating around San Dimas...

I love this stage where she's so delighted with whatever she gets.  Her basket was only about half full but she couldn't have been happier, like she'd won the lottery!

 Tin Man axe doubles as a teether...
 With our super hero buddies, trying hard to get a decent picture :-)

 We have clearly done Halloween!  
Both were completely out by the time we got back to Pasadena.

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