August 2016

Posted by Amy O. , Thursday, October 13, 2016 6:10 PM

August was a fun month of playing with birthday gifts, settling back into our Sacramento surroundings, beginning a Wizard of Oz obsession, and welcoming guests to our house.

Whenever we put music on in Vianne's room, she sits like this and does this silly little dance.  Just wanted to document it for future smiles :-).
Back to our park...

I was delighted to discover fields of sunflowers in bloom just north of us!  We pass them on our frequent trips to Costco and one day, much to Vianne's annoyance, I pulled off the road and took pictures.  Somehow I missed these last summer - probably too preoccupied with settling in.

Tea party with Daddy
We enjoyed a very fun overnight stop from the Hsieh family - too sweet to see our kiddos all enjoying each other's company!

I have about ten different shots of this...all with super silly faces.

In their Sunday Best...

Vianne dresses the part for a game of Doc McStuffins Operation
On a sweltering hot day, our friendly fire station, just down the street, had an open house and even the heat couldn't keep us away.

We introduced Vianne to The Wizard of Oz.  She instantly loved it and after her first watch, she went to find the most Dorothy-looking dress she owned (thanks to Bea & Margot) and some sparkly red slippers a friend had given us, and wore this for the next three days.  She also watched the movie again at least that many times...

Like Grampa, like grandson...
Sweetest boy...watching Wizard of Oz over at Daddy's office while Patrick's family was up for a visit.
We got some long-overdue bike practice in at the park...

Gifts in the mail from Granma
Daddy got a robot building kit that has kept Vianne well-entertained
Vianne's people-drawing skills jumped up several levels this month - they have heads and bodies and limbs and faces and hair now!  (Adorable!!)  Also, getting pretty good at her scissor skills, too!

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