Trip to Oregon: July 2016

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, September 9, 2016 8:41 AM

Packed & ready to go, we headed up to Oregon the morning of July 14th...
 ...stopped in Roseburg for lunch so I could get a stamp in my McMenamin's passport (and a free t-shirt!)...
 ...and made it to Canby by dinner time, where eager cousins we hadn't seen for eight whole months (!!) awaited our arrival.  We quickly got to the summer ritual of picking Grandma's blueberries (we were too late for the raspberries this year, darnit!)

 Time to play
 & read
 Breakfast Buddies

 David & Timothy came the next day to join in the fun
 Stroller Brigade
 We took advantage of the school track & playground nearby to get out some wiggles (kids) and burn a few calories (adults)

 This was going to be the classic two-cousins-on-a-tire-swing shot but it turned out that Oliver didn't want to share... :-/
 Goofballs back at Grandma's

 Oliver was quite pleased to discover he got the little pool all to himself. #introvert

 Oliver is occasionally affectionate with Timothy (usually he's screaming 'no' at him, poor Timothy) so we take pictures whenever it happens :-).

 Checking out Grandma's koi pond (love V's gorgeous smile here...)

Grandma took Vianne on a special outing to see a Little Mermaid play, so the remaining three of us went seeking some fresh air & country green, and fortunately in Oregon, you can also combine this with a trip to McMenamin's.  We headed way out to Rock Creek Tavern, a lovely drive and a lovely setting, and another stamp in my passport!

 Back at Grandma's for popsicles & water play

 This boy.  He was being so cute, I just kept snapping.  And you will understand how I couldn't pick just one to include...

Sadly, the only shot with all five together that I got...with their eating/watching TV faces...
More treats!

Grandma & her 11 grandkids
Everybody all together!
So fun when the 'older' cousin learns to read
Dinner at the Storeys - kids table!
Grant The Man

Uncle Thom for the win - all 5 kids enraptured.

Now he steals cousin sandals
Walking to the park (so sweet!)
 Love this shot of the three girls on their ages :-D
Dinner at the Gustafsons - kids blanket!
Last morning with the Blairs in town...these two breakfast buddies were holding hands like they understood they weren't going to be together for awhile...
Time for some super heroing

They call him Batcowboy

 Vianne had fun with one of my old dolls - Herself the Elf!

A fun park date with the Hsiehs

Spent a couple nights at the Storeys' "river house"


Vianne was SO excited to go out in the blow-up kayak with Daddy!

Another park meet-up with the Hsiehs - at the Wilsonville water park

First time for our kids at Multnomah Falls!

Stopped by Blue Lake on the way home

Vianne mostly wanted to get home & dig for gems from her Falls souvenir

Picnic with the Terwilligers, Lincolns & Hsiehs, checking out O's new Tails book
More fun at Grandma's

On a day when I was especially tired (Oliver was very clingy & not sleeping well the whole trip), Aunt Jenny swooped in to save the day with fun activities in tow!

A fun morning at the Portland Children's Museum with Vera & the boys

Crab, anyone?

Oliver walked around with the oven mitt for like a half hour :-)

The other kids moved on to the next activity...Oliver stayed at the light board until every single hole was filled

Dinner again at Storeys for our last big family gathering before heading back to CA

Slight hiccup on the way home when the car overheated in Weed (turned out just to be a debris clog, nothing a little power washing couldn't fix) but we still made it to Sacramento the same day.

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