July 2016

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, September 17, 2016 8:59 AM

July was mostly about 4th of July and birthday festivities and traveling (chronicled in other posts) but while we were home on the regular days, it was about gaining some semblance of order back after our wonky June.  We visited lots of the area's spray parks and tried free lunches all over town.  We enjoyed the sun and ate as much watermelon as our tummies could hold (or until some of us *cough* Vianne *cough* decided it was "too juicy" and refused to eat it for weeks). Vianne slowly started wearing clothes other than that one flowered dress.  

The crib, no longer in use as a bed, became a fort

Fun with the beach balls Granma sent

The kids invented this "game" we like to call "Movie Legs"
Vianne - always the eager baking helper - assisted in the making of the trifle

One day, Patrick and I were talking in the family room, I was sitting on the couch with the footrest up, while Oliver played near us.  The next thing we knew, he was lying under my footrest, fast asleep!
Free lunch at the park!

If we're honest, the quintessential photo for the summer...this is me in Oliver's bed with him lying on top of me. :-D (he'll sleep through the night & I'll sleep in my own bed all night again someday, right?)

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