Vianne Rose: Four Years Old

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, May 3, 2016 12:33 PM

Our precious and precocious Vianne Rose has turned four years old, with no regard for whether or not we are ready for this.  It feels like yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital and yet the days when she didn't speak in complete, imaginative sentences containing the word "actually" seem very far away, too.  This year she conquered potty training and name writing and handled a 450-mile move northward from the only hometown she'd known with a lot more flexibility and forgiveness than I did.  She took on dance class and her first stage performances like she was born to be there, and endured many long road trips like they were jaunts to the store.

Four seems to mean, overnight, she can do all kinds of big girl things, like jogging on the roller thingy and sliding down the fireman pole at the park, clipping her own nails, and walking down a few houses to the mailbox & mail a letter on her own.  At her four year check-up (which went very well at her new doctor's until the two which point it turned into a nightmare of epic proportions), she weighed in at 40 pounds and measures 43 1/4 inches in height, keeping her in the 99th percentile for her age and confirming everyone's comments about how tall she is.

She has this voracious but unpredictable appetite in which she will eat three bananas (or upwards of eight pancakes - I kid you not) one after the other, but the next day proclaim she doesn't like bananas anymore.  (Maybe because she ate 3 in a row, huh?)  She loves sandwiches involving honey and is a big fan of burritos and "frozen berries" (which are actually grapes).

She tries out new words on us all the time, like "budge" and "apparently", and loves to tell (completely nonsensical thus inadvertently hilarious) "jokes"...such as "Mama, listen to this, is this funny?  A chicken is in the road and then there's a turtle that comes from the other side."

Her favorite toys currently are her Frozen dolls, her variety of My Little Ponies, and her dress-up clothes.  She still spends most of the day imagining that she is someone else, although new characters have been added like Catwoman, Batman, and Morgana (from The Little Mermaid: Return to the Sea).  She has enjoyed learning new games this year like Candyland, Chutes & Ladders, Trouble, and even chess with Daddy.  She also loves to draw and color and do crafts.

She loves acting out Frozen but ironically has only watched the movie five times total; her go-to movie is actually Inside Out, which she turns on and often watches 2 or 3 times a week (and she loves to quote from it).  She also recently has developed a great interest in the super-cheesy-and-hard-to-watch movie Batman, the one from 1966 (oh gosh, if I have to watch that ridiculous shark on the ladder scene one more time...) which she watched every. single. morning. for like two weeks in March. 

She also has started watching cooking shows with me, like The Great British Baking Show and Worst Cooks in America, and she gets really into it, especially the end when someone wins and someone else has to go home.  Then she loves to recreate the experience via playdough, and just yesterday, I got some pretty brusque a la Anne Burrell opinions on my imaginary cake (it was baked well and the flavors were good, but the decorations were so hard, she couldn't bite into them).

We've been doing some preschool-at-home, so she's learning to use scissors and glue things, and trace and write letters and numbers, and recognize some sight words. 

I (barely) got away with a ladybug dress for her four-year-old photo shoot this year.  So I savored the cuteness since, at this rate, next year she may be sporting a pant suit and scheduling me in for fifteen minutes between conference calls.  (:::sob:::)

This is her spazzing between first position and second position in ballet

Very recently started letting me do braids...mostly two to look like Anna, one on the side to look like Elsa

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