April 2016

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, May 31, 2016 4:20 PM

After we enjoyed the early April birthday festivities & dance recitals, it was back to the usual cuteness around here...the kids love looking through Daddy's Marvel encyclopedia...

 Hanging with Grampa & Granma who came up for Vianne's birthday
 (Oliver gets a kick out of adults sitting on the floor :-) )
 Kisses for big sister!
 'Cause Mama likes a clean-cut boy, Oliver got his first hair trim this month!  Just a little off the bottom.  He did really well standing there for several minutes!

 Presents from the Hsiehs! :-)
On "tax day" we went over to our favorite castle park in South Natomas and hit it right when the roses were at their best.  This is my new favorite Natomas locale!  The wafting smell of roses was intoxicating!

We had a fun & much needed day out as family, heading eastward to the cute touristy town of Nevada City.  We found this great French/American cafe where the lovely waitress doted on our kids, keeping them in good spirits for the lunch (we don't eat out a lot any more 'cause they don't always do so well).  Still thinking about that brie crepe I ordered!

 Window-shopped our way down to the ice cream shop...

 Afterwards, we went on a refreshing short hike a few miles away

Back at home, all smiles for Daddy

 I made some 'foam dough' to keep the kids occupied while I cleaned the kitchen...

 ...then I had the other side of the kitchen to clean!
Because the dirty kitchen floor is as good a place as any to read your Richard Scarry book...
 My sweet silly boy showing off some moves...

 Vianne said, "Mama, we're sitting in the chair together!  Come take a picture!"

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