Oliver's Twelfth Week

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, November 4, 2014 1:42 PM

October 17-23, 2014

Oliver's become quite the chatterbox, expanding his coos to other sounds and multisyllabic utterances. And yet, every time I turn the video camera on, he clams up, so I have yet to capture some really good footage of it.  His eye contact and smiles of recognition and glee continue to melt our hearts and he's becoming a chunk of a little guy, with a round face & belly & big squeezable thighs, which makes him a very cuddly thing for his affectionate Mama who can't get enough of snuggling him.  His legs are very strong and he's starting to push off the ground with his feet when on the playmat (on his back or tummy) and scoot himself a bit (mobile already??!).

He seems to have begun teething, we're guessing, because he has these outbursts of inconsolability, is often chewing on his fingers, has been rather congested, and calms down if you rub his gums.  He may actually have a tooth at "normal time" unlike his sister who waited to bust out her first until 14 months old.  We'll see!

 He LOVES to be swaddled!  A good swaddle and a standing rock from Mama gets him to sleep in 3-5 minutes every time!
 This was after a particularly rough night.  My frustration melted away with this look... <3

 Tummy time with help from Vianne

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