Oliver's Fourteenth Week

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, November 11, 2014 3:34 PM

Little Oliver continues to be a smiley, delightful little guy and I can't get enough of squeezing him and kissing him while he'll still let me.  This week, he's doing more grabbing with his hands - others' fingers and the toys on the playmat, for example.  He seems to be realizing that his hands can be controlled.  He takes predictable naps which is a huge blessing and his nighttime sleep seems to be getting less restless (back to only 2 or 3 feedings again).  His neck is getting very strong and he holds it very straight now when held.  And we've even gotten a few close-to-laughs out of him this week. 

He's still a sucker for the swaddle & standing rock + shushing trick to get to sleep. With some regularity settling in, I feel like overall, life with two kids is seeming much more manageable and hopeful these days...just like all those people who I inwardly glared at told me two months ago that it would feel :-).

Anyway, a few shots of Mr. O during Week 14...

His first time wearing jeans :-)
 He's starting to enjoy the playmat for slightly longer intervals
 Tummy time!

 "Mama, this is hard!"
 Yoda sleeping pose
 He also loves to lounge outdoors in the bouncy chair - and we are so thankful for some (finally!) cooler weather to do so.  He will amuse himself, kicking and chattering and looking around for a good twenty whole minutes some days!

 14 weeks old!

 Loves to chew on his hands these days - gets in the way of photos and nursing quite often :-)

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