May & June 2014

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, July 2, 2014 1:52 PM

Our photos from this era are a bit scant, since the first half of May was spent preparing for the road trip to Oregon, and the rest of June was spent a) recovering from said road trip, b) Patrick getting (what we think was) salmonella, and c) mostly staying at home while Patrick suffered and V & I juggled playing and cleaning/projects constantly dictated to me by this crazy taskmaster called Nesting.  As June drew to a close, Patrick still wasn't quite himself, the house showed very minor signs of improvement, Vianne was much happier when we left the house during the day, and Mama was trying not to just want to fast forward all of July.  None of this is easily (or desirably) photographed.

It is hard not to dwell in anxiousness about the unknowns that lie ahead, with the timing and details of the birth of Baby O., and the present setbacks that don't allow me to feel as ready as I'd like.  But it's all a constant reminder that these things are out of my control anyway and they are securely in the hands of the One who goes before us and who'll never leave or forsake us.  So I'm prayerful even if terribly imperfect in my trust, and trying to refocus each moment on just that - the moment - these last cherished ones with just the three of us, all the beauty and joy and life that Vianne brings to every day when her old folks are tired out, the lessons that even the trials hold for me, and the wonder that is carrying a child, despite the many discomforts of the third trimester.

Couch potatoes...a common scene these days.  I think we were making tents with the beach towels, too.  So that's something.
 Smelling Mama's roses (a gift from Daddy)
 We enjoyed a bit of rain in early May (so little this year!) and once the downpour was over, Vianne couldn't not don her rain boots and jump up & down in muddy puddles...
 After doing flannelgraph with Grandma up in Oregon, we finally remembered to bust out our set of the Christmas story.  Vianne tells her own version, which seems to favor the angry Herod on the throne character.
 Clever Cup Holder
 Heading out for a breakfast date with our friend Andrea... meet Baby Eli (6 months old).  Such a sweet little boy!  Vianne was taken with him (and even got to hold him for a few seconds).  She was climbing up to smother him give him kisses.
 Adventures in Potty Training...
Mama thinks it would be really nice to have one out of diapers before the next one comes.  Mama also does not have the stamina to sit in the bathroom all day or the presence of mind to check in as of 2 weeks, we have about six stickers on that chart.  I figure she's getting the logistics down...but I don't really think she's ready yet.  Still, this was priceless.  French dress, rain boots, VeggieTales on the computer, half of her book collection on hand...
 Just going out for a walk with Mama (which are fewer and farther between these days...because IT'S PAINFUL!!) - but looks like she's in a parade :-D.
 Petite Artiste...we made a trip to IKEA (Vianne thought we were going to Zacchaeus' house and kept asking where Zacchaeus and Jesus were) and brought home this great easel!

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Molly Says:

"we made a trip to IKEA (Vianne thought we were going to Zacchaeus' house and kept asking where Zacchaeus and Jesus were)" --- I love your child.

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