Baby Shower For Our Baby Boy

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, July 5, 2014 2:09 PM

The last weekend of June, my Aunt Pat & cousin Sarah hostessed a baby shower for us in honor of Baby O.'s imminent arrival.  It was a lovely time with dear family & friends and we felt very blessed by the creativity & generosity that was evident in every detail and so many wonderful gifts that have helped us feel so much more ready for O's arrival!

As V is to ladybugs, we've decided O will be to sailboats - hence the nautical theme of the shower.  Aunt Pat & Sarah came up with so many cute ideas along this line!

I mean, really?  A diaper boat?  Does it get cuter than that?

 L to R: Jacob, Glenn, Shanti, Uncle Lynn, Bill, P & V
 L to R: Laura, Rachelle, Melissa, Jaimie, Hadley, Cindy, Mom O.

 Vianne got a special Big Sister Helper Bag with all sorts of fun things inside!

 The expectant couple...
 Reading her new ocean book with Captain Grandpa :-)

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