Snapshots from June 2013

Posted by Amy O. , Sunday, July 28, 2013 3:42 PM

A few pictures from June, aside from graduation and traveling...

Vianne has never used a pacifier, but we had a couple mixed in with her toys, and she thought it fun (for a few weeks) to walk around with them in her mouth.  This amused me greatly - a glimpse into what she would've looked like had we gotten her to use one.
Her very kind Grandpa built her this fabulous play area on our porch, which has been a lifesaver on days when it's cooler outside than inside.  She has plenty of room to romp around and I'm not having to chase her all over, making sure she's safe.  On especially hot days, we turn on the mister hose (runs along the edge of the roof) and everyone is happy!

 "Grandpa, I like my play area THIS MUCH!!"
 Loves to play with Grandpa's cell phone - thankfully, it's one of those indestructible types...

 I was trying to get a shot of her long-awaited two front bottom teeth.  Sadly, they're best visible when she is
 "Oh, MOM!"
 Just bein' cute on a hot day!
 Fun with Grandma G. during her visit for graduation

 One day, she decided this bin (which normally holds her toys) was the place to be.

 This face is her "sign" for 'pig'.  It's her attempt at puffing her cheeks...and it just might be the cutest. thing. in. the. whole. world.
 A lot of climbing happened in June.  Especially up into chairs, all by herself.

 Also has begun to enjoy putting on her parents' clothing...

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Marie Says:

There are no words adequate to express just how cute, adorable, wonderful, precious, beautiful, delightful, amazing is our little Vianne Rose, a gift from heaven; so full of personality, curiosity, antics, intelligence, laughter; and she loves her Mama, Daddy and us! And I love these pictures with your comments, Amy!!

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