4th of July 2013

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, July 13, 2013 12:02 PM

4th of July happened while we were in Oregon - like last year! - but, happily - unlike last year - Patrick was with us - well, at least for most of the day.  Before he left to get his friends Josh and Zac from Portland, we got a few family shots in our patriotic attire.

 Cute dress courtesy of Grandma G.

This is her new "scrunch face"...
 Red White & Blue Cousin Trio

 Cousin Kisses

 Cutie Booty
 Quite the little poser...

 Then, a patriotic concert...first, a solo number...
 ...then a duet with Beatrix...
 ...and one with Margot Mae.
'Uncle' Thom had to work so the Blair ladies and V & I walked down to the center of Canby for the annual General Canby Day(s) festivities.  We met up with the Lincoln/Hsieh clan and had lunch in the park.  Debby kindly took Vianne for a walk so her Mama could actually eat her yummy teriyaki noodle lunch :-D.

 Bea & Ava
 Sister shot!
 Best friends!
 A little later, the Storeys joined us.  Surrounded by cousins!
 Thanks to Christy, Vianne got her first taste of cotton candy!  Suspicious at first, but then ate it all up.
 Margot & her Mama went home for a nap, and V & Bea & I stayed with the Storeys to watch the parade. 

 Then we headed back to Grandma's house...
 We were hot after our walk - so V got her first popsicle!
Soon Patrick/Daddy came back from Portland with his friends and we had a picnic dinner and then hung out until the annual Canby Firework Show Viewing party at my mom's house.  First, the kids & men put on a firework show for us in the street, and then we watched the town's fireworks from the the street.  For some unknown reason (the wind?), this was the slowest, lamest firework show that Canby has put on in our memory, but nonetheless, provided plenty of fodder for snarky comments/ensuing laughter throughout.  So not a total loss.  And still overall a very fun & festive day!

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Marie Says:

Granma LOVES seeing these pictures of our 4th of July darling girl Vianne in her patriotic dress with all of her cousins and her other Grandma and Mama and Daddy! So adorable!

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