Pregnancy Update: 27 weeks

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, January 21, 2012 8:59 PM

Well, folks, I'm crossing the threshold into the third trimester. At 27 weeks, they tell me Baby O.'s now the size of an eggplant!  The second trimester has been so great, I'm a little nervous about the changes my body is about to endure in this next phase. But since the end result is our darling (for assuredly she will be darling) baby girl, I say, Bring on the weirdness!  At the moment, physically, all is well. At my last Dr.'s visit a couple of weeks ago, I got the good news that I don't have gestational diabetes (although the Valentine's & Easter candy displays at the grocery stores may overturn that :/), her heartbeat was still sounding great, and I was measuring normal for 25 weeks.

My belly is enlarging, but it isn't huge - especially when compared with other ladies I know due in March & April. I'm told that's where being 5'8" is an advantage but I confess I'm hoping for a little more obviously pregnant belly and a little less like I've just got a spare tire in the coming months.  As for other externals, after last weekend's shower, the number of baby items around our home has grown exponentially and that makes this all both more real and more surreal.

Baby O.'s still kicking and squirming on a regular basis and making me feel kinda funny on the inside, which I love because it reassures me that she's okay in there (as weird as it is that she's in there).  Makes a desk job a bit more interesting with a baby dancing in my belly as I make spreadsheets & type emails :-D.  

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Marie Says:

This is an adorable picture of you, Amy with Baby!
And it brings tears to my eyes, happy tears, to read what Patrick's beloved wife says about her pregnancy. It touches me so deeply. Love you and love your writing! mom O

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