First Baby Shower - with friends!

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, January 20, 2012 6:45 PM

Thanks to my best friend Rebekah, my sisters Jenny & Emily, and my mom, and all their hard work (and Southwest Airlines for an amazing sale!), I enjoyed an incredibly fun first baby shower up in Oregon this weekend!  They did the cutest things in the world with a ladybug theme and it was so much fun to celebrate Baby Girl O.'s arrival with friends from church & throughout my life.

These are a few photos I got; once the ladies started arriving, I was too busy visiting to take pictures!  I'll have to get some more from others in attendance.

Welcome to the party!
Ladybug balloons :-)
Treats for the guests - Jelly Bellies, but of course!

My favorite flowers!
Ava (Rebekah's daughter) and Miriam (my niece)
Bea having tea :-)
Ava being silly

Ladybug cupcakes...
and appetizers...
and straws...
and decorations...
and books! :-)
Jenny made a guess-how-many candy game, with a chocolate ladybugs snuck in.

Me & my sweet Rachael

Debby & Margot Mae
Margot Mae & Jaime Ruth
Two Rivers' friends
Hostesses Jenny, Rebekah, & Emily - they did a questionnaire game about children's books and a Mad Lib which turned out to be our birth story, and a hilarious one at that!

Another activity was designing onesies.  
The ladies made so many cute ones!  Baby O will be stylin' for sure!

Update 1/23/12 ~ Rebekah posted more pictures of the cuteness at her blog:

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Marie Says:

So cute! All the ladybug things! What creative-thoughtful sisters and what a dear friend you have!

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