SCC's Songs & Stories Tour

Posted by Amy O. , Thursday, November 3, 2011 8:19 AM

Because Patrick's the dearest husband in the world, when I was up in Oregon in July & he was still in California (which means he was missing me terribly, of course ;) ) and he saw that tickets for Steven Curtis Chapman's latest tour were on sale & he was coming to a church near us - and knowing that I'm one of SCC's biggest fans - he just went ahead and bought two!

Not only that, but he purchased the package deal that came with an early admission time with a pre-show soundcheck/Q&A time with Steven!  Am I spoiled or what??  Yes, yes, I am.

So on the afternoon of November 2, 2011, we headed to Real Life Church in Valencia to get a prime spot in line - and managed to snag front row seats once the doors opened!  Both the pre-show & the concert were really great - and a refreshing reconnection for me to the artist & songs which have provided a soundtrack to my life since age 15, as well as to my own inner songwriter, who's been dormant for awhile.  And I was thrilled that Baby Girl O's first concert (albeit probably a bit muffled) was her Mama's favorite Christian artist :-).

Thanks, dear Patrick - this was a wonderful treat!!

Front row!
 So close!

 Andrew Peterson on the left, Josh Wilson on the right - SCC's touring buddies
They busted out mullets for "The Great Adventure" - though any true fan knows he'd gotten a haircut for that album...;-)



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