Baby on the way!

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, November 8, 2011 2:21 PM

Patrick & I anticipating most likely the greatest & wildest Oden Adventure yet: Parenthood! I am currently 16 weeks & some change pregnant, and we're expecting a little Oden in late April.

We had our 16 week checkup yesterday and no peek at Baby O. via ultrasound (like the first two appointments) but we did get to hear a strong, regular heartbeat, for which we are thankful & relieved.

The first glimpse of Baby O. at 8 weeks:

And the second glimpse at 12 weeks...and, no need to be polite, yes, it does appear that I am growing the spawn of Homer Simpson.

And now Baby O. looks something like this (hopefully more like this and less like Homer):

We haven't begun chronicling the Amy photos yet, 'cause there's only the very slightest of belly to be seen so far = not that interesting.  But here's a glimpse at what the first 16 weeks have felt like from my point of view:

Weeks 0-6

This is meant to say, I was just going on about my usual business.  Not that mopping the floor factors into my usual business, I confess.  Nor does whistling or wearing plaid skirts.  That aside, go with me on this one, which is hard to depict via clipart: I felt completely normal and besides a positive pregnancy test (okay, six positive pregnancy tests - five at home, one at the doctor's), I wouldn't have known anything was up.

Weeks 6-14

Any smugness I was beginning to feel about my seemingly symptomless pregnancy was quickly erased by the onslaught of pregnancy sickness.  Every book I've read so far says "morning sickness, only it may not only happen in the morning, you may have it all day or in the evening and it may last longer than the first trimester" and I've decided it's just so much shorter to call it pregnancy sickness.  For, indeed, it is not just in the morning.  For 8 weeks straight, I was nauseated morning, noon, and night, with many bouts of vomiting.  In sum I can say, I never gave pregnant women enough credit.  There was nothing fun about this.  It felt much more like a curse than a blessing.

Weeks 14-16

Just when I was reconciling myself to the fact that I was doomed to eternal nausea, it went away.  And then, this happened.

I began eating everything in reach with reckless abandon.  Things I never let myself have for calories' sake, pregnant or not, I indulged in upon the slightest craving.  If I ran out of things to eat, I hunted down more.  I was a RAVENOUS BEAST.

But leave it to the doctor's scale to tame that wild thing.  Yesterday's report of unsettling weight gain has me back to counting calories, avoiding the candy bowl which is staring at me, calling to me, from the office table, and motivating me to get off the couch & away from the cupboards.

Our 20 week appointment is on December 5th and we're looking forward to the "big" ultrasound and hoping Baby O. will let us know if it's a he or she!

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Griselda Johnson Says:

Hehehehe, I'm so thrilled. I felt the same way Amy, I didn't think it a blessing when I was so sick. Said I would never do it again, and then there he was. My little pink blue eyed little boy. Perfection. I instantly wanted to do it again. The reward that keeps on giving. You are going to be an amazing mom! Can't wait.

Michelle Says:

What a great post! And I happen to love all of the clip art as well...very true to life :-)

Corinne Says:

Thanks for the delightful commentary and for catching us up to speed on how the past 16 weeks have been for you! So much fun to read with all the illustrations. Couldn't be more excited for you two.

Anonymous Says:

Je n'ai pas tout compris, ;-) mais apparemment tu as souffert de nausées... Moi c'était pareil !!! HORRIBLE... Je vomissais très souvent ! A ce qu'il paraît, c'est le corps qui se purifie pour bébé. J'en avais tellement assez, que j'étais allée à la pharmacie en leur disant que j'avais la gastro-entérite... Et ils m'ont répondu : non, non, c'est bien que vous êtes enceinte ! :-) Le 2ème trimestre, c'est le meilleur : plus de nausées et de fatigue et le ventre n'est pas encore TROP gros. Que Dieu te conduise dans cette maternité pour que tu vives tout comme il le souhaite ! (grossesse, accouchement, soins du bébé, etc...) Sois bénie ! Julie

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