These Shoes Were Made For Walking...

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, April 22, 2011 1:23 PM

I used to think that blue shoes were the happiest on the planet. I'm now pretty sure that it's red shoes.

These are the new red shoes I bought from (Keen Paradise Mary Janes) for our upcoming three week voyage to Europe!  They're wonderfully comfortable and they make me happy all over.  They should be great on the cobblestones! :-)

Beginning May 8th, Patrick I will be traveling to France (Paris, Carcassonne, Montauban and Toulouse) then to Germany (Tubingen, Leipzig, Schkeuditz) and at least a couple days in Prague, for this three-fold-purposed adventure: 1) The-Honeymoon-We-Never-Really-Had, 2) Patrick will be doing some "studying abroad" - that is some dissertation preparatory work in person with Dr. Jurgen Moltmann in Tubingen, and 3) visiting a whole bunch of amazing people that we have the privilege of calling friends.

We are so grateful to God for this opportunity, as we have watched Him open door after door to make it happen.  At first, it was truly a leap of faith - as a trip of this magnitude on the sort of budget we're operating on was completely ridiculous.  But He has provided in so many ways to both make it happen and confirm that this is what He wants us to do that I even felt free enough to buy myself some new things like shoes - something I almost never do :-).

While we're gone, I am hoping to update this blog along the way - as a scrapbook of sorts - but, then again, I may just enjoy Europe and my husband and my friends and my new red shoes, and write about it all later.

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Megan Cline Says:

Great shoes! They look so comfortable. Your trip sounds amazing. I look forward to following your adventures.

Anonymous Says:

I may need those shoes... :)

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