Forbidden Island: Our New Favorite Game

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, April 29, 2011 8:26 AM

In a moment of extreme husband adorableness, Patrick bought us a game to take our on European travels and we've tried it out several times already to make sure it was worth taking along.  It's called Forbidden Island and so far we love it!

The thing we like most is that it's not a competitive game, it's a collaborative game.  So Patrick and I (and up to two other people) work together to win or lose.  You talk & plan throughout the whole game so that at the end, if you lose, you lose all together and everyone's equally to blame, or if you win, you all rejoice together. 

And it's a really clever game, too.  It's complicated enough to stay interesting, but simple enough to only take one time through to know how to play.  It's also fun to play because at times, you are on the edge of your seat wondering if you are going to pull out the win or not.  It comes in a nice tin box for storing it, but all the parts combined could easily fit into a Ziploc or small cloth bag - so it's great for travel!

Check it out at!

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Alicia et Siméon Says:

I have it and it's also one of my favourite game... Good choice !

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