January 2017

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, April 22, 2017 4:47 PM

Today is blog catch-up day.  The task seems a bit daunting, to write about January when it's presently April 22nd, but it's only going to get harder so I'd better get to it.  The new year started off with an odd, long, hard January, for many reasons ~ from my colonoscopy in which they removed six polyps (nothing concerning in the end, just unnerving in the process) to the dreaded inauguration to the rain that poured and poured and flooded much of our area, including the park across the street, among other things we were contending.

And then, a surprise at the end of the month, a completely unexpected turn when I landed an online job doing video captioning, and have spent pretty much the last three months consumed with, which is largely why I find myself so behind on the blog.

But today, the captioning jobs are few and so I return.  You might remember, our 2016 ended with the drowning-death of our beloved camera, and so when we ventured out during a break in the rain to Sacramento's fabulous train museum, it was with my old digital camera in tow...and I didn't realize 'til later that I had it set on the smallest picture size. (sigh) But the museum was such a fun trip that I'm sure we'll be back again for more fun and better pictures.

 Above was the view from the Steamers cafe where we had a light lunch. 
Then a stroll around the charming downtown.
 Emotions wearing thin, we ended with some mini-donuts as we headed back to the car.
We ended up getting a new camera and much of January was spent taking pictures with it and trying to pretend I liked it.  We did a portrait test-run, since if I'm gonna like it, the camera's going to have to be able to withstand my we-can't-afford-professional-kid-milestone photo sessions.  Vianne donned her new Belle dress for the occasion...and the camera did...okay.

 The camera really does its best work outdoors, as you can see in these photos of the lakes that formed across the street.

We turned a corner with our home-preschooling when Mama abandoned her forced reading technique and embraced this picture cutting word spelling notebook, which Vianne loved, and I also found some great worksheets online for numbers, letters, simple math, rhyming, etc., that have been a great tool for the last few months.
 Clearly a rough day if Mama is napping.
 There were many days when we couldn't enjoy our park 
(I know, talking like a spoiled Californian, shame on me)
 so we made sure to get over there when we could.  
On a trip over with Daddy, Vianne found a little friend...

 Another sunny day...

 Vianne takes advantage of every park trip to push herself farther than the time before.

 The doc is in!
 These two.
 Patrick tested the camera out on some birds, in his ongoing quest to convince me the camera was decent enough.  I concede, this is an excellent shot...
 On another sunny day, we ventured out for our second trip since we've lived here
 to the Sacramento Zoo.
 We finally got to see the baby giraffe who was born a few months ago.

 Our first time on the little zoo train!

 More park time...
 Oliver...on the rocks.

 A little family soccer fun
 O's still wearing his Thor costume...from his first birthday.  Cracks me up.
I call him Capri Thor.
 I was glad it was over, but January wasn't without its highlights...in the sky and elsewhere.

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