Oliver's Twenty-Eighth Week

Posted by Amy O. , Thursday, February 19, 2015 6:15 PM

This boy gets around!  Having mastered the art of rolling to get places, he's now started getting up on his hands & knees as if he were going to crawl, as well as pulling himself forward army-crawl style with his arms.

We got a great indoor/outdoor playpen this week, which our outdoor lovin' boy is thrilled about, and so are we since it keeps him safe from the crazy hockey stick wielding child in the background...er, his sister...

Oliver tried his first "real" food this week: avocado!

Seems to like it!
We discovered this week that Oliver's a big Mickey Mouse fan.  He will always turn & look when the Clubhouse theme song or the Hot Dog Dance song comes on, and will often stare at the screen when the show is playing.  (Yes, I let my baby look at the television...)
Very Wheaton-y boy

Sometimes Big Sister comes to play inside the playpen, too...

Sweet smiles!

28 weeks old!

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