Oliver's Seventh Week

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, September 30, 2014 3:05 PM

Time to play "Blog Catch Up"!  And I see we didn't take a whole lot of pictures during O's 7th week of life.  But the few we did are cute! :-)  This was a particularly fun week because it was the beginning of responsive smiles and a few longer stretches (5-6 hrs) of night sleep.

Oliver got his first international mail this week - a package of French fun from our friends Anneline & Mathis.  Anneline made this adorable sailboat and sent some French books as well.
 Bonding with big sister


Oliver's first trip to Red Robin (and our first try at restaurant eating as a family of four).  I know, you don't have to even say it...what is up with our San Dimas Red Robin these days?  Blue walls and no pictures?  And it was very dark for noon, and the fries tasted like they'd been under the heat lamp for hours.  But Oliver slept through the whole event and Vianne sat in her high chair for at least 20 minutes before screaming, and I got my free birthday-month burger, so we're calling this a win.
 Just like his sister, Oliver hated his first home bath, but has loved every other one since.
 Trying out the bouncy seat while Vianne does some bathtub finger painting on a hot day.  He has mixed feelings.
 Seven weeks old!

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