Road Trip Adventure ~ Trip to Oregon: Part Two ~ May/June 2014

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, June 7, 2014 11:24 AM

On Memorial Day, we had a two-fold celebration with a BBQ at the Blairs' for the holiday and a Strawberry Shortcake 3rd birthday party for Margot.  

Hugs for the birthday girl

 Cooking something up with cousin David (in Bea & Margot's kitchen)

 Ummm...damsel in distress?
 Fun in the backyard...

 Swinging with cousin Matt

Birthday Star!
 Vianne absconded with this shortcake.  Then practiced her runway pout...
 The Guys...
 Birthday dessert

 Grant & cousin Molly
 Daddy Decal Duty
 Baby Belly Sisters
 Still nauseatingly cute after all these years...;-P (photo by Jenny)
 Cute cousins cuddling in Grandma's bed
A fun evening at Jim & Mel's house (Vianne calls it 'Chip & Dale's house') with most of the Terwilligers, and the Lincolns and Hsiehs.  There was a very funny moment when Jaime was trying to feel my belly for baby kicks and Vianne saw her, came up looking deeply offended, moved her hand, and then raised one finger in the air and said sternly, "You don't touch it!" :-)
We spent the last few days of our Oregon time at the Storey/Vandagriff getaway house (Vianne calls it the "river house") in Mill City, OR, with the Gustafsons, Storeys, & Blairs.  We had gorgeous, cool-but-sunny weather the whole time!

Coloring with a view...
 The girls being silly on the top bunk of the fun kids' room
 Hobbit door :-)
 Bedtime story with Grandma
 Breakfast with the little ones
Patrick found his happy place in nature and even took his camera out for a bit (it's been awhile!).





How he rolls...
 On a walk near the house, cousins all in a row!
 A trip to a nearby park, which has this gorgeous view
 David & Vianne: Slide Buddies
 Cousins on safari :-)

 The Queen & her Daddy, enjoying the river view
 Cozy milk break
 On Saturday morning, we took a family trip to visit a nearby dam along the Santiam...



... and that afternoon, we enjoyed the river behind the house!  Our little water girl couldn't get enough!


 Vianne & Rachael: current youngest and oldest of the cousins...though Vianne only has a few more weeks of that title before Baby Blair arrives on the scene!
Margot & Vianne really bonded on this trip - demonstrated by V's following her around doing everything like her :-).  When we first came, V was still calling her "Marner" but both Bea & Margot set about correcting this ("It's Mar-GOT!!") until it finally now she calls her "Mardot" :-).
 Margot Hugs - so sweet! 

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