New Year's 2013 Trip to Oregon

Posted by Amy O. , Thursday, January 23, 2014 2:57 PM

We left early on New Year's Eve morning...but not as early as planned...after settling in & reviewing the safety procedures...

 ...we found out that due to fog in San Jose (?!), we had to wait, and wait, and wait in Ontario to take off.  After an hour of sitting, we left about the time we should have been arriving, but still made it to PDX on time since we'd only shortened a two-hour layover. 

We spent New Year's Eve at Mom/Grandma Gustafson's with the Blairs and had way too much great food and tried our hardest to stay up 'til midnight after a long day!

 Enjoying some grapes...
Reading with Aunt Jenny
 Getting to know Cooper ("Topper")
 Mom & I attended the Blairs' church to see the girls as angels in their Christmas pageant

 When it's sunny & dry in January in Oregon, one must take advantage of it & take a walk into town.
 Can't pass up a puddle

 Tea party with Miriam
 Playing musical chairs with Aunt Jenny
 Playing with cousin David - they are so cute together!

 They love Grandma's wind-up toys!
 A post-nap snuggle with Aunt Vera
 A duet with cousin Grant

 Crowd of cousins

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