Vianne Rose: Eighteen Months Old

Posted by Amy O. , Sunday, October 27, 2013 9:29 AM

It seems like it was just her first birthday party, where she was opening this gift, an adorable salmon-colored mod dress and back then it felt like forever before she'd be wearing 18 month-sized clothes.  But somehow it's been another six months and she's now not only wearing 18 month-sized clothes, but she's 18 months old herself!

Vianne is precocious as ever - and as much the light of our lives as ever.  I've long since lost track of her word count; some of my favorites of late are "pup" = cup, "pown" = pumpkin, "What's this?" and "What's that?", "sauce" = applesauce (a current obsession), and when you ask her what a bear says, she says, in a high pitched voice, "beeeeeaaaarrrrrrrr". She's just begun to learn the possessive, placing (usually) "Daddy's" directly before an object noun.  Also, her first French word came recently: "Oui" which she says in the most adorable fashion to anything I say to her in French. 

She's currently weighing in at 23 lbs, 13 oz, and is 33 inches tall.  Still has five teeth, although she seems to be perpetually teething.  She has more hair than ever, but still not very much :-).

It took me three separate "sessions" in one day and lots more energy than I had to get these photos.  She is a very happy, smiley girl in real life, but rarely so for the camera.  But in the end, there are still many cute ones - especially this first one, which goes down as one of my favorites of her ever!

Classic Vianne Expression #1
Smiling up at Daddy

In retrospect, I shouldn't have told her it was an orange...
"Something's wrong with this orange..."

Classic Vianne Expression #2
She did this with her hands all on her own and walked around for several minutes like this!  Such a funny little girl!

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