Mother's Day 2013

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, May 22, 2013 12:02 PM

We had a hot but lovely Mother's Day weekend, celebrating first with Patrick's family on Saturday, with a dinner at Red Lobster and Ladybug ice cream cake afterwards at our place.

 Signing "Daddy"

 and "Mama"
 Helping Granma open her gifts

 Adorable cake!
On Sunday, we went to church, had a light (read: air-conditioned) lunch out at Subway, and then came home for some pictures, pool time & presents.

 V wore herself out in the pool and gave me the gift of a nap.  Doesn't she look just too long to be my baby?

After Vianne went to bed, Patrick spoiled me with a perfect steak dinner - and homemade root beer float ice cream!  When last at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, I learned that they were not making it any more (this, my favorite flavor of all time) and was devastated (first world problems, I know).  So my thoughtful ice-cream-afficionado husband looked up recipes online & came up with this sweet Mother's Day treat that I would even say rivals Tillamook's!  YUMMY!!

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Rebekah Says:

Oh no! Not the root beer float ice cream. Is this something we can contact our congressmen about? And I agree, she looks super long but cherubic none the less. Sweet baby girl.

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