2011 Birthdays: Amy's 34 & Patrick's 37!

Posted by Amy O. , Thursday, October 20, 2011 9:24 AM

This September 23rd, I turned 34 in style, with a dark chocolate raspberry mousse cake at staff meeting, a special surprise of getting to have lunch with my cousin Eric, his wife Leigh Anne, and kids Emma & Caleb while they were in Pasadena for a visit, opening gifts in the afternoon, and dinner at Cafe Beaujolais in Eagle Rock. I indulged in a lovely cauliflower soup to start, a divine parmesan encrusted halibut with champagne sauce to middle, and profiteroles to end.  Though Patrick's choice of creme brulĂ©e for dessert was definitely the better choice there.  It was a perfect Amy birthday!  (Though with limited photographic evidence.)

Then, since I had a Friday birthday, we escaped to the mountains for the weekend  & enjoyed some family time with the Odens & some nature.  Although (perhaps due to all the rich food the day before) I was miserably ill with pregnancy sickness, everyone made the best of it & let me lie on the couch (in between sprints to the bathroom) as much as I needed.  Definitely memorable :-).

For Patrick's birthday, we were more adventurous!  We took advantage of some flier miles which got us a place for the night in San Diego and spent a Saturday at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

There were babies everywhere...here, a baby water buffalo...

Loved the lions!

The very new baby elephant.  This drew a huge crowd.  Patrick also made a super cute video of it, which you can see here:  http://www.youtube.com/user/dualravens#p/a/u/0/c2m_PmRSEmw

Baby gorilla...

I'm about 3 months pregnant here (it was still largely a secret)...and having a good (that is, not too sick) day!  We found that getting me out doing things was a great way to curb the nausea.

 A birthday drink to end a lovely day!

On Sunday, we found ourselves with a free morning while waiting to meet up with Patrick's long time friend Peter so we decided (since we were right there) to take a tour of the Maritime Museum, a collection of ships that sit along the San Diego harbor.  Patrick loves ships & sailing so he was thrilled - and especially that one of the ships was the HMS Surprise, a replica built for the movie Master and Commander.  I was enjoying it until I got slammed with an aggressive wave of pregnancy sickness...and even being out & about wasn't able to stifle it this time.

Later that day, we enjoyed a fun visit with Peter, who gave us a driving tour of San Diego's wonders, enticing us even more to move there (it's on our list of preferred re-locations).  We also got to meet the intentional community of believers from his neighborhood, which was cool to see after hearing about it for a couple years now.

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