20 weeks - halfway there!

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, December 5, 2011 4:46 PM

Finally started showing enough around Thanksgiving to start documenting in photos.  Of course, it could've just been all the extra food consumed that week, but a little belly was definitely starting to appear!

Today (at just over 20 weeks) we were supposed to have our "big" ultrasound where we could have possibly found out whether Baby O. was a boy or girl, but when we got to the Dr.'s office, we found them without power!  And, sadly, no power means no ultrasound.  We've rescheduled for December 12th and hope Baby O. will not be elusive next Monday...and that there won't be any more electrical surprises!  

The power outage was the result of a crazy wind storm that occurred in our area on the night of Wednesday, November 30th (the night after we flew in from Oregon!), the likes of which hadn't been seen in these parts in 50 years, so the locals said.  Some pictures of the craziness around Fuller campus and housing follow.

Our balcony...someone else's roof tiles...

Our street...

Poor little trees!

Awning at the Fuller bookstore

Historic building on campus that houses President's & Provost's offices

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EBL Says:

Congratulations. That is moooovalous news!

EBL Says:

The baby is moooooovalous news of course. The windstorm not so much, but hopefully everyone is okay.

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