July 4, 2011

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, July 4, 2011 10:57 AM

Hooray for American independence and three-day weekends!  We celebrated our own personal holiday, Independence from Pasadena Noise, by escaping to the mountains.  We spent two and a half very relaxing, quiet days at Mom & Pop Oden's home in Lake Arrowhead, mostly just sitting on the deck and enjoying the birds, the trees and the cool breeze. 

Saturday afternoon we were pleasantly surprised by some entertainment:  fire scouting planes and WWII planes above our heads!  That evening we also enjoyed the audio version (and a few flashes of light from over the ridge) of the Lake Arrowhead fireworks show, which echoes like gunfire around the valley.

On Monday, we descended back down from our happy place, to La Verne, another happy place, which reminds me a lot of Canby, though it's about 3 times the population.  We had a fabulous meal thanks to Jon (Patrick's brother), inside out burgers (the cheese is on the inside!!).


...and then joined up with Rachelle and Brian - very cool people - to enjoy the fireworks show from Las Flores Park.  It was a very impressive show and a very fun time!

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